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  • TOTTORI Green Hotel Morris
  • 2-107 Imamachi Tottorishi Tottori-ken
  • TEL:+81-857-22-2331 / FAX:+81-857-26-5574
  • E-Mail:tototri@hotel-morris.co.jp
  • Floor:9 Rooms:213
  • Check-In 15:00
  • Check-Out 10:00
  • IZUMO Green Hotel Morris
  • 2-3-4 Ekinanchou Izumoshi Shimane-ken
  • TEL:+81-853-24-7700 / FAX:+81-853-24-5574
  • E-Mail:info-izumo@hotel-morris.co.jp
  • Floor:10 Rooms:198
  • Check-In 15:00
  • Check-Out 10:00
  • MASUDA Green Hotel Morris
  • 17-2 Ekimaechou Masudashi Shimane-ken
  • TEL:+81-856-31-8111 / FAX:+81-856-31-8160
  • E-Mail:masuda@hotel-morris.co.jp
  • Floor:10 Rooms:141
  • Check-In 15:00
  • Check-Out 10:00
  • HIGASHI-HIROSHIMA Green Hotel Morris
  • 11-8 Saijyosyowamachi Higashihiroshimashi Hiroshima-ken
  • TEL:+81-82-493-7070 / FAX:+81-82-422-6161
  • E-Mail:higashi-hiroshima@hotel-morris.co.jp
  • Floor:10 Rooms:220
  • Check-In 15:00
  • Check-Out 10:00
  • TOYOOKA Green Hotel Morris
  • 6-32 Chiyodachou Toyookashi Hyogo-ken
  • TEL : +81-796-23-5551 / FAX : +81-796-23-5552
  • E-Mail:toyooka@hotel-morris.co.jp
  • Floor:9 Rooms:181
  • Check-In 15:00
  • Check-Out 10:00
Date of Establishment
Aug, 1960
Tatsuhiro Morishita
2-107 Imamachi Tottori-shi Tottori-ken
Main Business activities
Privacy Policy

TAKARAYA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Company") will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and relevant laws and regulations, and handle personal information properly based on the following policy in order to meet the trust of our guests and customers:

1.Proper Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company will not acquire personal information by deception or other wrongful means.

2.Specification of Utilization Purpose, Restriction According to Utilization Purpose

The Company will acquire personal information specifying the utilization purpose, and use such information exclusively within the scope required to achieve the purpose and not beyond such scope without the approval of the individual concerned.

3.Safety Control Measures

The Company will handle personal information with due attention to safety control and take necessary and appropriate measures to protect data from falsification, destruction, loss, leak, etc.

4.Restriction on Third Party Provision

Except as set forth in laws and regulations, the Company will not provide personal information for any third party without obtaining the prior approval of the individual concerned.

5.Disclosure, Correction, Inquiry, etc.

Personal Information Protection Secretariat TAKARAYA Co., Ltd. info@hotel-morris.co.jp TEL:+81-857-26-5555